Open Sesame: Alibaba’s Forgotten Treasures

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Turtle Street’s latest research is on Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA). Please follow the link to read our article.

Titled – Open Sesame: Alibaba’s Forgotten Treasures we argue that investors are mispricing Alibaba’s evolving ecosystem and powerful growth drivers.

We briefly introduce the macro arguments that were outlined in the company’s prospectus document before it went public on September 19,2014. We move on to discuss the real investment thesis: Alibaba is more than an ecommerce site with many mobile users on their smartphones. Monetization of mobile users matters, but the market under – appreciates the monetization opportunities of Alibaba’s other business lines. The business services are interconnected and reinforce on another forming a powerful ecosystem that benefits from network effects.

BABA Ecosystem

With shares down near their lows and trending towards the original IPO price of $68 investors should take notice.

Alibaba Share Price

Read our full investment thesis here (available for 30 days to the public).

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